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Coral Gables, FL

Summers in Coral Gables are long and hot while winter comes as a comfortable, windy season. With a population of 50,226, this city is home to the world-renowned Venetian Pool and the Biltmore Hotel that are established in the early 1920s. Its historical landmarks, wonderful boulevards, and ivy-covered mansions are just some of the reasons why the city’s called “The City Beautiful.”

Miami, FL

With 442,241 inhabitants, Miami is one of the cities with the biggest population in the state of Florida as of its 2020 census report. It doesn’t snow in Florida due to its tropical monsoon climate, its summers are hot and wet while winters are dry and warm. Miami is a city full of vibrance and energy due to its wonderful events and activities all year round.

Kendall, FL

A census-designated place, Kendall is currently home to 75,371 inhabitants and has one of the best and most visited malls in the city of Miami as well as family-friendly parks and top-rated restaurants. Due to its inland location, Kendall is usually cooler in the evenings and warmer during the days, and like other places in Miami, this city does not experience snow.

Doral, FL

Situated in Miami-Dade County, Doral features an expensive lifestyle for its inhabitants with real estate prices that are beyond the standard not only in its state but even in the country. According to its latest census, the City of Doral has a total population of 59,972. Visiting this city will present you with trendy restaurants and luxurious parks and golf destination.

Pinecrest, FL

Pinecrest is a popular suburban village located in Miami-Dade County with a population of 19,155 as of 2019. This city has made it to the top ten best places to live in the state of Florida and offers its residents a great quality of life. Tourists flock to Pinecrest to get a taste of their wonderful weather and tourist spots perfect for a summer getaway.

Miami Gardens, FL

Miami Gardens has a population of 111,363, making it one of Miami-Dade County’s largest and most populous cities. The bustling city of Miami Gardens has two of the most well-known annual festivals, and visitors rush to the city to celebrate and enjoy the festivities alongside the locals. Like most other cities in the state, its summers are oppressive and hot while its winters are expected to be warm.

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach has a total population of 90,108 as of its latest census report while when it comes to its climate, the city features a tropical monsoon climate that gives hot, long summers and short winters. Except for its stunning beaches, Miami Beach also has a booming nightlife, world-famous galleries, and uniquely designed buildings scattered within the city.

Hollywood, FL

Hollywood is one of Florida’s most well-known communities for being one of the most renowned movie filming destinations as well as a residence for other celebrities. As to the 2019 census report, the city has a total population of 154,817 people, and like other cities in the state, it experiences short, dry winters and long, humid summers that make the city one of the best summer getaway destinations.